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Video Surveillance & Analytics

Video Surveillance has been used for years in crime fighting and ensuring safety. Unfortunately, in the past, its high cost, comparatively poor image quality, and limited ability to easily share the underlying source content, severely restricted its value. Let JCT Solutions show you the way to integrate digital video into your overall IT solution and exploit its full value.

Access Control & Panic Alarms

Access control systems can help prevent intruders while strategically placed panic alarms can instantly alert police and others to any threatening situations. These systems offer advantages that didn’t exist just a few years ago, and are custom engineered to meet your requirements. JCT has developed solutions that specifically address school system compliance with Alyssa’s Law.

Visitor Management

To meet today’s heightened security requirements, any facility that is open to the public needs to have a visitor management solution. The right solution adds to the safety and protection of people and property while establishing a clear line of defense against intruders. Management solutions designed for schools, government buildings, corporate offices, hospitals, highly secure locations and more.

Emergency Notification

Keeping key personnel and first responders completely informed with full situational awareness has proven to be a critical element in providing maximum safety. Our browser-based applications are accessible anywhere using a PC or mobile device over virtually any kind of network. You can issue an emergency alert to notify responders of conditions in real time while communicating status via color-coded alert levels.

9-1-1 Dispatch Service

Solutions designed with multiple call-handling layouts and workflows to manage voice communications and integrated text-to-9-1-1 messages. Integration with RapidSOS NG911 Clearinghouse data to better locate callers.Advanced dial directory capabilities to facilitate fast, easy dialing control.Map integrations that enable 9-1-1 call takers to see the most precise caller locations.

Records & Evidence Software

Keeping the peace, protecting lives, catching wrong-doers—it’s hard work and requires alot of information. All too often, the time and energy that go into enforcing the laws are undone by errors in handling all of that data. JCT Solutions is ready to address these challenges with a full set of solutions for records and evidence management.

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