PPDS Philips MSRP Pricing Q1 2022 LED

LED Kits
110BDL9112L/00 110" LED Display (Kit) FHD 1.2mm pixel pitch $82,903
137BDL9115L/00 137" LED Display (Kit) FHD 1.5mm pixel pitch $87,972
165BDL9119L/00 165" LED Display (Kit) FHD 1.9mm pixel pitch $99,655
220BDL9112L/00 220" LED Display (Kit) UHD 1.2mm pixel pitch $329,897
275BDL9115L/00 275" LED Display (Kit) UHD 1.5mm pixel pitch $348,797
330BDL9119L/00 330" LED Display (Kit) UHD 1.9mm pixel pitch $395,188
Spare Modules
CRD19112/00 Replacement LED module - ID 91xx, P1.2mm Dongshan SMD1010 Gold
CRD19115/00 Replacement LED module - ID 91xx, P1.5mm Dongshan SMD1010 Gold
CRD19119/00 Replacement LED module -ID 91xx, P1.9mm Dongshan SMD1515 Gold

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