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Local Area Networks

The local area network (the LAN) has always been the essential nerve center in most organizations—the core connection between users and the mission-critical applications they need to get their work done. To get the LAN that will meet the needs of your organization, talk to the experts at JCT Solutions. We work with LANs everyday and know what’s involved in adapting the range of today’s wired and wireless technologies so you get the LAN that is just right for you.

Wide Area Networks

The Wide Area Network (WAN) is essential for connecting people and systems. Today WANs are being called upon to handle increasingly demanding traffic loads and deliver better user experiences. Fortunately, there are many options for getting greater performance from today’s WANs. JCT Solutions represents top providers of networking solutions and we work closely with a many organizations and businesses across New Jersey and New York, implementing networking solutions and providing ongoing managed services.

Wireless Solutions

The future of technology is wireless. The right network is the one that’s defined by the needs of your organization whether you are a business, a school, or a government agency. Today’s wireless technologies offer huge opportunities, but also great risk as the attack surface for security breaches expands. You need to be one step ahead. At JCT Solutions, we work with the leaders in wireless networking, including Aruba, Cisco/Meraki and Extreme. Let us implement a wireless solution that’s right for you.

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