Security & Public Safety

The threats to security and public safety are real. The right solutions help prevent tragedies and save lives.

From the classroom to the workplace—and everywhere in between—protecting people and saving lives is a top priority today.

Too many incidents in too many places have made it incumbent on schools, businesses, government agencies and other organizations to carefully evaluate and plan their security.

Increasingly, laws are being implemented that require action, such as Alyssa’s Law in New Jersey requiring panic alarms in public schools.

While no one solution or strategy can address every threat, making smart use of technology has a critical role to play.

JCT Solutions is ready with a full set of security and public safety offerings including video surveillance, access control and panic alarms, visitor management, emergency notification, and more.


Did you know About Alyssa's Law?

AT A GLANCE: Security & Public Safety Solutions


Make the Right Choice

Leading-edge Technology
Leading-edge Technology

JCT Solutions maintains strong relationships with all the leading providers of security and public safety systems including Axis, Motorola, Sielox, and more. Additionally, our staff has an extensive portfolio of certifications and credentials.

Upgrade or Start New

Build on a current solution that may now be in place or implement an entirely new system designed specifically with the latest capabilities.

Cloud On Permission
Upgrade or start New
Cloud, On-premises or a
Managed Solution

Today’s solutions can be installed on your servers or hosted in the cloud and delivered to you as a service. You can also rely on JCT to deliver everything with comprehensive ongoing support as a completely managed solution.

A Full Range of Security &
Public Safety Solutions

Video Surveillance & Analytics

Video surveillance is one of the most effective ways to protect people and property. Today’s digital video surveillance solutions deliver high definition, integrate directly with your existing networks and can be monitored from anywhere, including via phones and other mobile devices.

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Access Control and Panic Alarms

Today’s access control and panic alarm systems help ensure the freedom of movement you want, with the security you need.

Access control systems can help prevent unauthorized intruders while strategically placed panic button alarms can instantly alert police and others to a threatening or dangerous situation.

These systems offer advantages that didn’t exist just a few years ago, and are custom engineered to meet your requirements. JCT has developed solutions that specifically address school system compliance with Alyssa’s Law.

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Visitor Management

Your front desk is critical to providing a welcoming environment while also serving as a critical security point for identifying intruders. Today’s visitor management systems enable you to do both—identifying who’s authorized to visit and who’s not, printing badges, notifying hosts, and many other capabilities that are essential for day-to-day security.

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911/Emergency Notification

9-1-1 –the three digits we all depend on in an emergency. In communities across America it’s the universal, easy-to-remember number for reaching police, fire or emergency medical assistance. Today’s 9-1-1 systems are adapting to mobile communications, text and video messages, social media, Internet Protocol (IP)-enabled devices, and more. As New Jersey’s leading design and engineering company for emergency dispatch/911 systems—implemented through our technicians and supported from our 24/7/365 operations center—JCT is helping to lead the way in bringing 9-1-1 into a new era of communications.

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Records & Evidence Software

Law enforcement is an information-intensive undertaking. Properly collecting, preserving and managing records and evidence is essential to an efficient and accurate civil and criminal justice system. And it’s not just about capturing names, times, dates, locations, descriptions - but also video, audio, images, sensor data and more.

JCT Solutions is an experienced provider of advanced records and evidence software enabling today’s law enforcement agencies to take control of the information they collect. Organize and consolidate access to video, images and more. Uncover insights. Seamlessly integrate with other systems.

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