Network Monitoring & Security

Today’s networks are more complex than ever—connecting more people, devices and services in more places and using a wider than ever range of underlying technologies.

As complexity grows so does the challenge of network management and ensuring that you have the understanding and expertise to efficiently resolve performance issues.

Today, the roundtrip of any one transaction might involve wireless, wired and virtual networks. You need visibility into every segment of your network to effectively identify, troubleshoot and resolve network issues, regardless of their origin.

The growing reliance on cloud services and the dramatic increase in cloud/on-premise hybrid infrastructures poses unique challenges for network managers.

  • Monitoring the performance of the network supporting a hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution may require one approach, while the strategy for a network integrating with public Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud platforms (e.g., AWS or Azure) might require something completely different.

    Ultimately, more network complexity means more network management complexity. Most teams today are using multiple management tools, in some cases as many as a dozen or more. Unfortunately, relying on multiple solutions leads to interoperability issues that can also reduce the all-important cross-network visibility.

    Because of the complexity of today’s networks, more organizations are outsourcing at least some aspects of network management including:

    • WLAN networking and support
    • 24x7 network health monitoring,
    • Data center monitoring,
    • Infrastructure management and configuration

From our fully staffed Network Operations Center, JCT Solutions manages networks connecting thousands of devices in locations across the country.

JCT Solutions is completely experienced in supporting systems from the leading vendors including Cisco, Extreme Networks, HP, and more.

ur technicians and systems engineers can work as a seamless extension of your team, supplementing and extending your internal resources or even reducing/eliminating the need for them.

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