Avaya Cloud Office

Many businesses today want a completely cloud-based solution for their communications and collaboration.

With a cloud solution, your employees have easy access to the phone, chat, video and more from any location.  You can use the cloud with your mobile phones, today’s top deskphones or the browser of your computer or laptop. As your needs change—you add employees or need different communications capabilities—you can easily update your cloud account.

Today, one of the top cloud solutions is Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral. It’s the solution developed by Avaya, the longtime leader in business communications solutions, and RingCentral, the top provider of cloud-based solutions for unifying communications.

Avaya Cloud Office delivers a unified communications experience. From a single interface you’ll chat with colleagues, make and receive calls, plan and join meetings, collaborate with screen sharing and video and keep your teams on-task with task management and virtual team rooms that let everyone share and stay up-to-date.

JCT Solutions will work with you to tailor an Avaya Cloud Office account that meets your needs and also help identify any additional equipment—phones, cameras, videoconferencing solutions—that you may need.

More Power for Your Business

Many of the capabilities Avaya Cloud Office delivers were once only available on much more expensive solutions designed for larger companies. For example:

Avaya Cloud Office gives you an auto attendant to handle calls 24/7. No more losing business because it’s after hours.

Provide your callers with the option to route themselves to the right department. Or use an employee directory to easily get to a specific person

Play music or messages on hold

Set up call recording so you can confirm the details of that latest order

Listen in on sales calls and have supervisors provide advice using the whisper feature.

And customize your call routing just the way you want.  Calls to the sales department might ring each sales rep one by one. Service calls might ring all phones simultaneously. You decide.

Avaya Cloud Office also directly connects to other applications you use every day such as Microsoft365 and Google’s G Suite. Avaya Cloud Office comes with over 200 pre-built integration.

Talk to the cloud experts at JCT Solutions. Let us show you what Avaya Cloud Office can do for you.

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