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JCT Solutions has decades of experience implementing a wide range of communications solutions for municipalities, schools, colleges and universities, businesses, and many other clients all across the New York/New Jersey area.

  • Because voice is still the most widely used and reliable form of communication, more organizations are relying on advanced voice over IP solutions.
  • Video and web collaboration capabilities are becoming more essential in every organization, enabling people to work better together.
  • Mobility solutions keep people connected and able to get all of their communications and collaboration tools anywhere on any device.
  • Paging and clock synchronization solutions are perfect for keeping people on schedule in schools, campuses and large facilities.
  • Digital signage and AV/multimedia solutions deliver the “wow factor” in conference rooms, auditoriums and other locations inside and outdoors

Let’s talk about your communications challenges and find the solution that’s right for you.

JCT Offers a Range of
Communications Solutions


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Leading-edge Technology
Leading-edge Technology

JCT Solutions maintains strong relationships with all the leading providers of communications systems including Avaya, Cisco, Mitel and more. Additionally, our staff has an extensive portfolio of certifications and credentials.

Cloud, On-premises or a
Managed Solution

Today’s solutions can be installed on your servers or hosted in the cloud and delivered to you as a service. You can also rely on JCT to deliver everything with comprehensive ongoing support as a completely managed solution.

Cloud On Permission
Upgrade or start New
Upgrade or Start New

Build on a current solution that may now be in place or implement an entirely new system designed specifically with the latest capabilities.

A Full Range of Solutions for
Communications and Collaboration

Voice & Video Communications

Whatever you do, having the right voice & video communications is critical to how you do your job.

  • Give your people one-number reachability.
  • Take advantage of full HD video conferencing.
  • Make it easy for people and teams to collaborate and share information.
  • Set up a complete contact center for sales, customer support and more.

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Paging & Clock Systems

Paging: Paging systems make it easy to quickly communicate to a large audience. They are perfect for locations such as schools, hospitals, restaurants, community centers, workout facilities and more. Make regular announcements. Broadcast critical information during emergencies. When you need to quickly deliver information to a large number of people, paging gets the job done.

Clock Systems: Schools are all about schedules—keeping students and staff on time throughout the day. To accomplish that, you need to keep the clocks in your classrooms, central offices, cafeterias, common areas and more in synch. Not having the right time can cause confusion and lead to tardiness and other problems. JCT Solutions makes it easy with our clock systems.

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Digital Signage

Walk into any store, hotel, airport, school, movie theatre, health club—you name it—and it’s likely you will encounter a digital display that is advertising a product, promoting a brand, providing you with directions or even inviting you to step up and interact.

That’s digital signage and it’s a great way for any organization to add an exciting digital dimension to its indoor or outdoor environment. JCT Solutions can show you how to do it easily and cost effectively.

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From classrooms to conference rooms, lobbies, auditoriums and more, trust JCT for the design and implementation of the latest audio-visual/multimedia solutions. We stay on top of the most current technological trends, advancements, and products so that we can recommend solutions that are both reliable and cutting edge.

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